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Steampunk Mechanical Dice Towers - Blackthumb Creations

Steampunk Mechanical Dice Towers


These towers are absolute beauties and there's nothing else like it on the market anywhere.


They have actual mechanical components and feature:
1- A cantilevered Dice Trap Door.
2- Dual dice intakes with back gate for big dice.
3- A varying pitch Middle Baffle to fully randomize dice rolls.
4- Dual rack and pinion systems to raise/lower both gates.
5- Up to D20 through top-trap door.
6- Up to D30 using the back gate.

These kits are cut from 3mm MDF so it's very stable to ensure proper functionality of the moving parts.

The tower can be assembled in about 30 min the first time and much faster after once you understand the assembly steps. No glue or special tools are required to assemble the kit. 

Leave unpainted for that cool "burned" look or paint them any way you want.

These are must have for the avid Dice Tower fan.

Difficulty rating 2/5

Requires no special tools but we recommend using:

  1. box cutters or Exacto knife
  2. sanding paper
  3. masking tape or elastic bands
  4. can be painted


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